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Full Area Customisable Graphic

The Unicase 4S can be custom dye-sub printed in a full size area including the back and both 2 sides without any color limitations. Images on both sides can be individual designs, as well as an extended part of the back side image.


You can use the UNICASE 4S in various application fields since it is totally customisable, so it doesn't matter of what industry you are in, the only thing you need to care about is the design itself.

  • Souvenir

  • Gifts

  • Movies

  • Sports

  • Events

  • Promotions

Multiple Custom Design Ordering

Customise the UNICASE 4S with multiple designs is totally acceptable and you can still enjoy the same price as single design ordering. For instance, if you want to make a full set design of the Premier League Clubs which would contain about 20 different designs, and you are worrying if the unit price is higher than ordering only one design, the answer is don't worry, UNICASE will only charge based on ordering quantities but not the quantity of designs.

Simple & Unified Body

At the very beginning of designing the UNICASE 4S, our idea is to make it simple through an unified body. Therefore we removed the ordinary sticky board, then chose to mold the Polymer material to be a unified case body which also acts like a DYE-SUB substrate and provides excellent custom printing quality.

Behind the simplicity

Outstanding Custom Graphic Quality

UNICASE 4S features an amazing graphic quality after printing. With the special polymer compounds we used, and the strictest printing process under ICC color management with a max 300dpi resolution, the custom UNICASE 4S is the best companion of iPhone 4/4S.

A bit more you would like to know

Durable of Use

Due to the sublimation printing technique and the special formula of polymer material, the print images are directly dye sublimated 'into' the UNICASE 4S body which dramatically improves its wear resistance compared to ordinary ones.


UNICASE is a Hongkong based manufacturer that focus on designing and manufacturing customisable graphic cases for mobile(iPhone) protection. With 10 years experiences of printing and molding behind, UNICASE provides customers with the most professional products and services including designing, manufacturing and mobile cases solutions.


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